28. Born in Atlanta. Raised in Decatur. (where it's greater, obvi).

Hey! My name is Drea (pronounced Dre, the a is silent for some reason). I feel like I've spent most of my life in school. So by trade I am an Industrial and Systems Engineer. By choice I am a personal style blogger and content creator. There are so many things I love and enjoy doing. Favorite food is hotdogs, I'm obsessed with giraffes, and Marvel movies are probably my absolute favorite thing in the world. 

I think self expression is a major key. And fashion is my outlet. Getting dressed is almost like picking out a costume for the day. It's exciting and I get to change it up whenever I want!

I've done life by myself, and I have found that it only works when I surrender my life to Christ. So as long as what I am doing is giving glory to God, I'm all in!!

This is me. Hope you like :)