The God Shift

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You ever make a friend and one day you’re hanging out, just talking and chilling. Then you guys go from laughing and making jokes to discussing something super personal. Then afterwards during an awkward silence you say “Did we just have a moment?”. And from that moment on you two become inseparable. And now you can’t even remember what life was like without them. Like who did I used to text all day? Or who did I hang out with on Saturdays? We all have the moment that forever changes our life. Towards the end of this summer I found myself talking to God saying the exact same thing, “God, did we just have a moment??”

So in January 2018, I found myself very unhappy with my job. It felt like my role was slowing down and my professional growth was stalling. And I wasn’t sure what to do with this feeling, mainly because it was my first job out of college and this feeling was brand new. I’ve never had to navigate a space where I did not like my career. I waited it out, for the sake of seeing it through. I thought maybe if I give it some time, it’ll get better. But it didn’t. I found myself at work bored, annoyed, and without much direction or guidance. I had no clue what to do. people kept saying find a new job. But that sounded too scary to tackle at the time.

One day at bible study, I decided to share with my community group my issues with my job. And this was probably the first time I actually voiced my dislike for my job. They all comforted me, and afterwards one of the women asked if she could pray for me. During that prayer she looked at me and told me, “I know this is a hard time, but trust God. If He does not want you at this job He will provide a way for you to leave. When it’s time for you to go it will be physically impossible for you to stay”. There are some things that just feel like a hug from God, and thats what her words felt like. So I took I to heart. I prayed and told God, “If you want me to leave this job God, make a way”.

Work continues to annoy me. and I continue to be frustrated. A series of events happen, that confirm my worries about my job. And around May 2018, I’ve had it. I know I can’t stay. And to top it off, I get asked to take a position that does not fit with what I'm currently doing and is not my area of expertise. So I felt stuck in my current position, and the only other position being offered is on that is not a good fit. When you’re at a job that does not value you, you begin to do the same. I began to wonder if I was even good enough for the position. It was then that I decide to start applying for other positions. I spent most of my days at work applying on LinkedIn. After a few weeks, I had a couple of interviews that I was excited about. But nothing seemed to work out. And I was frustrated because I was so unhappy at work. It was painful to even go to work and be in the environment. But I was still hopeful.


“I began to wonder if I was even good enough for the position”

It was July 20th when my job called all the employees into our conference room and announced that our site would be closing down. My head was spinning as they discussed severance pay and relocation. I was in compete shock. Then the words my friend from bible study said started to replay in my head, “When it’s time for you to go it will be physically impossible for you to stay”. I was scared, but I knew this meant it was time to go. Two days before I had an interview with a HR rep. Then on July 26th I had a follow interview with someone else from the company, and the next day another interview with the hiring manager. It was on August 1st that I went for a site visit to have four more interviews and a site tour. And on August 3rd I got the call saying I got the job!

I was in awe! After months and months of discomfort and months of interviewing. It took TWO weeks to go from interview to job offer. During the interview process I asked why the position was open, and they told me the other candidate did not work and that he was let go a few weeks prior. And it was then that I knew. God had been working while I was worrying. When I thought God had left me to sit in my situation, he was actually setting me up for success. If I had not listened to God and quit in January I would not have this job. What felt like God pushing me off a ledge when my job announced it’s closure was really God pushing me into a position that would bring me more joy and personal growth then anything I can imagine.

It was the week before my start date, and I lost my wallet. I was frustrated because I was about to go on vacation and then needed my ID to complete the initial paperwork. I felt like I was being attacked and discouraged with my job. So I just decided to make plans, in the two days I had free, to replace everything in my wallet. But I was stuck because my SS card was in my wallet (don’t ask why) and I couldn’t find my birth certificate. and I don’t have a passport (don’t judge me). So I planned to try to finesse a new ID with some W2 forms. But the night before I was planning to go to the DMV, I received a package. And because I did not order anything, I was a bit hesitant to open it up. But after I unwrapped, my jaw dropped. it was my wallet. Some kind stranger found it and mailed it back to me. And I could have fell out. Because God once again showed up for me. While I was worrying and busy trying to figure out what to do, my wallet was on my way to me the entire time. And that’s a word! Sometimes we get so caught up in our situations trying to fix it ourselves or moping about it. But the entire time God is moving things in our favor. I know it’s just a wallet and it may not sound like a big deal but these two situations taught me something. No matter how big or small your situation, God is working! He is preparing a blessing for you but you just have to wait a little bit. I know some of you may be in a season where you don’t know what to do next but God wants you to know He’s working but you have to be patient.

So here I am a month into my job reflecting on the day I got the job and I’m asking God, “Did we just have a moment?” Because this summer you forever changed my life. You showed me that you care for me during the big and small moments. You showed me that my situations are important to you. In the future, how can I doubt God again? I have forever chosen to believe that God is working even when I can’t see it. God has shifted my perspective to see Him in my troubles and changed the direction of my career. And the only thanks I can give is my worship.