What You Wear Matters - #WinterJacketInspo

There is only a few things that speak louder than words. Even though we are always saying actions speak louder than words, your choice of clothes does too. What you wear matters! We read so much into what type of person someone is by their shoes or type of jeans they have. If our outward appearance is so powerful we should us it wisely. Here’s why.


Being able to communicate multiple ways is just a part of the human experience. We laugh, give side eyes, dap each other up. All ways to express ourselves and communicate with each other. Out clothes give us the chance to do that as well. Sometimes being in the Christian space we always talk about what we don’t want out clothes to say, but it’s okay to frame the conversation around what you do want it to say. That’s were graphic tees and hoodies are super clutch. This hoodie from J Anthony Designs says, “My name shall be great among the nations” a reference to Malachi 1:1.



And when someone ask you where that quote came from and you drop that scripture it just leads to deeper conversation! How many “and it has pockets” has led to giggles with random strangers. Clothes start conversations. Our love for fashion ignites something. There are so many sneaker clubs and organizations just to talk about the latest shows. And I am here for anything the brings people together!


My clothes are everything to me. I choose outfits that make me comfortable but can speak for me. Colors that make me happy, and jackets that make me smile. Shoes that get me around comfortably but make a statement all on their own. Clothes with enough give so I can break out into dance at any moment. Shirts and hoodies that give me a little attitude but covered with quotes that show I’m filled with a love that even I don’t understand. I thank God everyday for allowing me to express myself through fashion. I choice to give HIM glory through it


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