If you missed the checkered trend there what rock have you been hiding under? Checkered blazers, pants, dresses, checkered everything is so in right now! Of course I had to hope on and grab a pair of checkered pants. I snatched these up from Target. I wasn't exactly sure what kind of vibe I wanted to go for so I did two looks, just tweaking the jacket and shoes.

C R U S H E D  V E L V E T 

checkered whowhatwear velvet

So... this jacket is BOMB!!! I can't get over it. As soooooon as I saw it at Target I put it in my cart. I wasn't even suppose to go to Target this day, but thank goodness I did. It's soft, the color is beautiful, and the color is perfect. I think it was made for these checkered pants. They have purple undertones in them as well. match made in fashion heaven.

Velvet Jacket: whowhatwear at Target
Checkered Pants: whowhatwear at Target
Turtleneck: Thrifted
Sneakers: H&M


windbreaker whowhatwear

I already know what you're thinking. "DREA WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET" First of all, thank you I know it's cute. Second, you're going to be mad because I got it form a thrift store like three years ago. This jacket is one of my favorite items I've ever thrifted. it's in perfect condition, the colors are PAWWPIN, and it goes so well with these checkered pants. Something about athletic sneakers with trousers make me so happy. Not too dressy but very chill and put together.

Jacket: Thrift store
Pants: Who What Wear at Target
Turtleneck: Thrifted
Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1s