DIY: Zipper Jeans & Graphic Tees

The perfect outfit only a few simple touches away. Last year I was Instagra and stumbled on @lifeinbeverlyheels feed. She was rocking this PAWPIN outfit. I knew quickly I didn't feel like spending money to purchase the look. So I just recreated it with some affordable pieces!
dreaspeaks zipper jean graphic tee diy


+Start by cutting a straight line down the front of your jeans.
+Flip the jeans inside out.
+Place a zipper in place and pin to hold.
+Sew the zipper to the pants leg from the inside of the pants leg. THAT'S IT!


+Choose two different pieces of fabric. My pic was red/green ankara and checkered print.
+Cut each piece into desired shape. I chose a large square and a small rectangle.
+Get a t-shirt. I got a Walmart Time and Tru shirt. 
+Use fabric glue and to attached fabric to back of shirt. Let dry for 24 hours.
Tee: Walmart Time and Tru
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Madden Girl
Zipper: Fine Fabrics
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange

Lessons Learned!

+make sure the fabric matches the fabric of the shirt. my fabric was a bit too heavy for this tee.
+use a cutting blade and cutting mat to cut fabric. it gives cleaner edges and makes it easier to work with.
+make sure the zipper does not run into the pocket it would make for an awkward stopping point.
+i only found a zipper this length at a huge fabric store. could not find on amazon or michaels.
Happy DIYing