EASY DIY - Reconstructed Button Up

Nothing makes my heart happier then thrifting items and making original custom fitted pieces. The joy of fashion is making item what you want them to be. This time I decided to DIY these cool button ups. My favorite and most purchased item from the anywhere is a good oversized button up. (Random question: Do you say button up or button down? Comment below, I'm genuinely curious) So I'm going to show you a quick DIY you can do using two button ups to switch things up a bit.

1. Two button ups. Similar in size.

2. Sewing machine or needle and thread.
3. Scissors

When I say this is going to easiest DIY you've ever done! All you need to do is start by cutting each of the buttons ups down the center. I prefer to use a blade and cutting mat to its very straight.


Next place the two shirts together. The backs of each shirt should be face to face. Pin them where you cut it. And sew the two shirts together! And thats it! This DIY took me all of ten minutes. And your t-shirt options are endless. You could two graphic tees, or two differently striped shirts. Whichever one you choose, make it you! Enjoy.