How to Be Comfortable and Cute

One thing I’ve gotten more comfortable with is wearing sneakers to the party. Being into fashion and dressing up isn’t always about the heels and super dressy outfit. Being the casual one is cool too. So here are three things that you need in order to stay cute and comfy


When I accepted God into my life He said that I was free. And I personally think that includes freedom from wearing high waisted jeans everyday. Name a better feeling then unzipping your high waisted jeans after a long day. Some days you just need pants that go with your flow, and move when you move. In the inter time I prefer sweatpants. They are blessed with elastic bands everywhere so you can move freely all day. In the warmer temps I refer oversized trousers. And think outside the box, this can be oversized dresses, slowly skirts. Anything breathable and loose will work! (pssst… they have really affordable sweats at Walmart)


“Check my footwork! Check my footwork! Yeen got these, yeen got these! Stop look at em hard, yeen got these!!” Wearing sneakers to an event is unbeatable!! I’m not going to lie, heels are kiiiiind of uncomfortable after a few hours and will have you searching for a chair just to rest your feet. And we’ve all been that girl leaning on only one foot and standing on the side of her other foot just to give your heel a break. Next time, just bring out the kicks. There are endless options to choose from. You got the ones that look like socks, or ones that give dad vibes, or even ones wrapped in jewels giving Thanos vibes. Whatever you pick, it’s going to be cute and a relief to your feet. For bonus points, try added cool socks. Amazon has plenty.


Just because I’m dressed comfy does not mean you will not get this beat!! I don’t always want to go full bum. So to make sure I still look like I meant to leave the house, I still wear makeup. Ain’t nothing wrong with a full face and some sweats, I promise.


Stay cute and comfy,