I Tried Buying an Entire Outfit From Walmart

Typically Walmart is my first choice when I’m shopping for sweatpants and chocolate chip cookies. But this time I wanted to attempt an ENTIRE look from the superstore. My only rule was I couldn’t buy more sweatpants (lol!). So one afternoon I headed to Wally World, ready to get creative and find the perfect look. And as an expect thrifter and online shopping I was sure this was going to be a breeze.

After looking through a few of the circular racks reminiscing on that big box of clothes my mom would buy from Walmart on layaway for me and sister every year for school, I soon realized I wasn’t going to as fortunate. And it wasn’t because they didn’t have clothes, but it was more so the type and fit of clothing. There was an abundance of jeggings style pants and floral tees. And not to mention I was unlucky enough to be shopping on the one day they were switching all the cold gear to Spring items. So choosing from a fur coat or tank top was a bit difficult.

My goal was to look for my basics that I know always work for me. Jeans, tee, and a blazer. But these items never appeared. At least not in the women’s section. So I trekked over to the men’s area and found a few jeans and pants and some tee shirts. Next hurdle…shoes! Needless to say I walked down one shoe aisle and decided I’m just going to wear something I already have. I couldn’t find a style I liked. They had ALOT of work shoes. And low-key I had a pair of white sneakers but forgot to take them with me from the dressing room.

So after an hour or so of shopping and trying on clothes. Here’s the look I went with! I decided to skip on the jeans since I had a similar thrifted pair at home. Tell me what you think! What store should I try to buy an entire outfit from next?

Photos: @eransome