When it comes to blogging, I have always focused on personal style. I wanted to use NYFW as a learning experience to know if I enjoyed the industry side of fashion. I wanted to see more then my personal style so I can be more educated on fashion industry. So I’m here to share to my honest opinion about all things NYFW.

Day 1, I felt little. I felt like I did not look cute, I felt like I wasn’t good enough to get into the big shows, and I felt like I did not belong. I’m not sure why and maybe it was my own insecurities overshadowing my actual experience. But I just did not feel like I belonged. I think all the rejection emails from the shows played a big part into this mindset. I mostly stood outside of the lines to the major shows taking pictures of the other people getting in. Even though I love photography and I glad I got the chance to practice. I wanted to be the person hey were taking pictures of, not the other way around.

The vibe was unexpectedly different. I’m not sure it if was just the circles or places I was in but I did not feel a sense of camaraderie. I think back to Summit 21 in Atlanta, whenever you saw someone dressed fly or strutting you hyped them up! Or if you were standing in a crowd you got to know the people around you and exchanged contact information. As I watched the lines of people going in, I just saw a bunch of people, slaying of course, but also just standing in cool poses making sure their outfits remained on point.

Besides those two thing, the whole weekend was BOMB. I really enjoyed going to the presentations and shows I did attend. It taught me that high fashion is a thing but the styles in those main shows truly embody what people are doing in street style everywhere. It did not feel as isolating as I thought. I could see me wearing those outfits. And that was comforting.

So for my first time attending it was a HUGE learning experience and I’m glad I got to go. I would def attend next years so I can continue to learn and grow in this industry. Check out my other post showcasing all the street style I captured and the shows I attended.