NYFW: The Looks

When I decided to attend NYFW, I already knew I wanted to DIY my way to the perfect looks. For the sake of my budget me and my friends decided to thrift all of our outfits. ALL OF THEM. And that’s just what we did. Every single outfit I wore was thrifted and paired with things I already had or with affordable pieces

Day 1: Monochromatic looks are always in. Went for my current favorite color with pops of colors and animal print.

Day 3: I wanted to serve old school prom realness. I found this large skirt that I wanted to use to spice up a white tee. Then layered a heavy, warmer skirt for contrast. At first the hem was straight, but NYFW needed ruffles, so I gave them ruffles.

Day 3: Had to keep it casual and play it up by mixing and matching patterns. This was actually my favorite outfit because it was so comfortable and I got to rock a graphic tee.