Finding clothing that fits perfectly is always the goal. There are a lot of things to consider when finding the outfit that fits your body type, but the ultimate goal is balance. Yes, finding balance between your body type and how clothing falls on it.

Rise, length, and fit. Top three things I look at when buying jeans. I personally think mid to high rise jeans are the most flattering on all body types. Start going low-rise and we start running into problems, i.e. muffin tops. When it comes to length I make sure the hem falls right on the ankle bone and if I'm shooting for cropped I go about 1-4 inches above my ankle bone anything higher that gives my flashbacks of my Walmart capris that I hated in elementary school. Fit depends on body type. I'm a curvy girl, so basic skinnies work best. Boyfriend jeans are ALWAYS too big in the waist so I usually avoid them. 

Biggest clue about fit is how the jeans fit at the waist and at the crotch/inseam.  Typically poorly fit jeans tend to tent around the crotch and the waist has the infamous back gap. Avoid these and you are good to go! My suggestions is to go for mid-rise jeans and pants. They flatter your waist and disguise any issue you may have around your belly.

Tops are suppose to flatter body type and balance out whatever bottoms you're wearing. Because I have a smaller chest size and wider hips. I can get away with large tops, flowy tops, and lower cut tops. I tend not to wear fitted tops with snug bottoms, feels a bit too tight for me. So go for tops that compliments the size of your torso, bust size, and shoulder width. 

Always wear jackets to compliment the outfit! Trenches go with everyyytthiiinnggg, I promise. Otherwise make sure the hem of the jacket flatters the hem of the top and rise of the jeans. And be aware of where the hem of the jacket falls. Jackets the fall on the widest part of your body may cause you took look boxy. Jackets that fall at the top of high waisted pants can make your torso look short. So many rules right? Jackets are easy to play around with, just make sure you have a couple of different styles for a variety of outfits.

Now that you know some rules for your body type, now you can break them. I'm serious. Break. All. The. Rules. It's soooo much easier to know what shapes and styles to play with when you know the basic rules for your body. For my body type. High waisted skinny cropped jeans with a semi flowy top and a trench flatter me the most. But its okay to stray away from that. here I try out some straight legged Levis I thrifted. Usually straight leg jeans are hard because my hips don't understand what straight legs means lol. But these jeans behaved! Can't believe I'm not wearing wearing skinny jeans.

DREA41 (1 of 1).jpg
DREA36 (1 of 1).jpg

Rules are meant for breaking. Fashion loves to tell us what to wear and how to wear, but just have fun! Indulge in trends or make your own bold statements. What silhouette do you usually go for? Comment below!

If you want me to come up with the perfect outfit for your body type, comment, send an email, or DM me on Instagram and I'll create one just for you!! 

Jeans: Thrifted Levis
Top: Forever21
Trench: Thrifted
Shoes: Shoeland