Spring Uniform: Can you wear the same outfit all season long?

IT’S HOT AND I’M TIRED OKAY. I’m so busy with work and maintaining my blog and trying to start a business. And we already know this heat is about to act up! I currently do not have the energy to figure out what I want to wear on a daily basis. So I’m looking into a common idea. A uniform for the season! You know, High School Musical, but make it fashUn. So here’s the premise, you pick a them, color scheme, or type of clothing and you rock it the whole season. Takes some of the time and energy out of getting dressed very morning. Apparently this is what the really rich folks to do they can only focus on dat schmoney.

In an attempt to save all coins but looks as cute as possible, I decided my staple uniform piece should be the white tee. Honestly Dem Franchize Boyz would be disappointed if I didn’t. And a ten pack of tees at Walmart is too good of a deal to pass up. So we bout to slay and save money? SAY LESS.

What goes better with a white tee, than denim?? Jeans and a t-shirt, revolutionary I know. But simple is the mission. And I know that you know that denim is $10 or less at the thrift store. So thus far this outfit is under $20, so yeah you’re welcome. Decided to dress it up a bit with these ASOS snake skin heels. The best part is it doesn't always have to be a plain with tee. It can be a logo tee, graphic tee, tank top, crop top. Options are endless.

So how do you create your own Spring uniform??

Ask yourself a few questions. What is one item in my closet I would wear everyday? Whats the most comfortable thing I could wear? What’s my favorite color to wear? Whats my favorite type of clothing? And quickly you’ll realize there’s one piece in your closet that stands out from the others. That’s you main item for your uniform.

Turn your favorite item into a basic item. Now take that favorite item, color, or shirt and make sure you grab some neutrals and basics so you can wear it with multiple things in multiple ways. Here’s what I mean. If you decided that your favorite thing to wear is a wrap dress; find wrap dresses in neutral shades so you can wear it with multiple things. Or if you said your favorite color was lavender; grab a pack of lavender tees, lavender hat, or a lavender purse. Now you have tons of your favorite stuff to wear every day.

Choose accessories that work. No matter what, wearing the same thing gets old so you need to find a way to spice things up. So maybe statement earrings or cool sneakers to change up the looks you’ve created. I’m opting for cool shoes. So heels, sneakers, and sandals. All pieces that bring interest to a basic tee and denim look.

Do you think you could rock a uniform for a season? What would your theme be? Shop this uniform and let me know in the comments what your uniform would be!