Summer Whites

In classic Dre fashion, I had to rock the all white this season. And I know it takes extreme bravery to decide to wear ALL white, but after avoiding stains and drinking beverages delicately, it’ll be worth the effort. I decided to rock my Zara tee (which is currently $5.99 but completely out of stock), thrifted white jeans, and of course the classic AF1’s.

Here are a few pro-tips:

  1. All white requires flesh-toned or black undergarments. Save the bright pink bra’s for sweater season, ladies. This tip will save you form having to wear a cami under thinner shirts as well.

  2. Get a t-shirt bra! T-shirts can be very light and and straps or a cup that doesn’t fit perfectly can show through. This one from Target is my favorite.

  3. If you’re going all out, get similar whites lol. I love a good cream outfit, but sometimes wearing cream with white may make the other item appear a bit dingy.

  4. And the last most important tip of them all. If you’re wearing all white, it is a must that you wear AF1’s. They belong in everyone’s closet and you they match everything. This is not up for discussion.