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Why Every Outfit Should Have At Least One Interesting Piece - #WinterJacketInspo

Every outfit deserves one special or quirky thing. Whether it’s a cool purse, bedazzled socks with your Forces, or in this case HUGE SHOULDER PADS! You can find the coolest most interesting items in the thrift store. And usually they are older pieces so they tend to be one of a kind. I found this coat at Goodwill. It initially caught my attention because in a world where nudes and beiges are really popular, I love a deep brown. And to my surprise after trying on, the shoulder pads were on level ten. And here’s why I loved them so much:

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NYFW: The Looks

When I decided to attend NYFW, I already knew I wanted to DIY my way to the perfect looks. For the sake of my budget me and my friends decided to thrift all of our outfits. ALL OF THEM. And that’s just what we did. Every single outfit I wore was thrifted and paired with things I already had or with affordable pieces

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