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Why You Need to Run to Your Nearest Thrift Store

If you haven’t Wazed your way to your nearest thrift store, then you are already losing in 2019. Thrifting has been my saving grave when it comes to fashion. Especially in college when I was too broke to even think about pulling up to a mall. I would make my dollars Elastigirl stretch so I could buy bags full of stuff for under $50. And you could be doing the same thing!

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Absolutely Obsessed

Last Winter it was checkered print, this summer it's 90s eyewear, all year its been athleisure wear. Obsessed isn't even the word. We love taking one thing and running with it. But here's why that isn't so bad. Because if you love it, you love it! Things get labeled trendy because the masses can see that everyone loves something, but that doesn't make it bad.

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Overalls + What I'm Going to Miss About Summer

In the winter time I am literally a red, drippy nosed, watery eyed mess most days. Cold and me do not mix. But the sun, the suuuuun. That's my bff. The warmth on my skin is the best feeling ever. I don't know if it's just me, but there is something about the sun shining, the extra long days that make me feel productive....

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