NYFW: The Looks

NYFW: The Looks

When I decided to attend NYFW, I already knew I wanted to DIY my way to the perfect looks. For the sake of my budget me and my friends decided to thrift all of our outfits. ALL OF THEM. And that’s just what we did. Every single outfit I wore was thrifted and paired with things I already had or with affordable pieces

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Absolutely Obsessed

Absolutely Obsessed

Last Winter it was checkered print, this summer it's 90s eyewear, all year its been athleisure wear. Obsessed isn't even the word. We love taking one thing and running with it. But here's why that isn't so bad. Because if you love it, you love it! Things get labeled trendy because the masses can see that everyone loves something, but that doesn't make it bad.

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Thrifted Finds - Ribbed Satin Skirt

If y'all don't get up and get yourself to the nearest thrift store right noooow!! Because there are gems to be found! Like so many. All you need is a little imagination to make it work. I found ribbed satin blue matching set and it has been giving me life. I actually wore the tank for it in an outfit I rocked over on milqmag.com.


But the skirt was way to big for me so I just let it sit until I was ready to make some much needed adjustments. I decide to take the skirt in and keep the length because it had a beautiful scalloped edge.


I paired it with this graphic tee from ASOS and these Forever21 heels that are super cute. I was a little nervous posting the pics of my feet because of the way my feet hung over the strap. But I saw Rihanna with similar shoes and her feet hung over the strap too. So if Rih Rih can rock her foot fat with style so can I!! Are you feeling this look? Comment below!! 


EASY DIY - Reconstructed Button Up

Nothing makes my heart happier then thrifting items and making original custom fitted pieces. The joy of fashion is making item what you want them to be. This time I decided to DIY these cool button ups. My favorite and most purchased item from the anywhere is a good oversized button up. (Random question: Do you say button up or button down? Comment below, I'm genuinely curious) So I'm going to show you a quick DIY you can do using two button ups to switch things up a bit.

1. Two button ups. Similar in size.

2. Sewing machine or needle and thread.
3. Scissors

When I say this is going to easiest DIY you've ever done! All you need to do is start by cutting each of the buttons ups down the center. I prefer to use a blade and cutting mat to its very straight.


Next place the two shirts together. The backs of each shirt should be face to face. Pin them where you cut it. And sew the two shirts together! And thats it! This DIY took me all of ten minutes. And your t-shirt options are endless. You could two graphic tees, or two differently striped shirts. Whichever one you choose, make it you! Enjoy.

The Shoe Trend That's Saving My Life

Gone are the days where six inch heels are the only way to go out and look cute. Wearing "two hour shoes" and then wincing in pain the rest of the night over! The switch to shorter block heels have changed the game for me! 

A few years ago I injured my knee and wasn't able to wear heels because of the pain. I resorted to sneakers, which I don't mind, but desperately wanted some heels I can rock and also be comfortable. And at first I was hesitant to try this new trend because the shade thrown at the kitten heel was real. And definitely reminded me of my middle school heels I wore to church. But once I realized I could go all day in these modest kitten heeled bad boys It was a done deal! Check out how I stayed my pair from Forever21 and a few that are on my wishlist!

Loving this look. Jeans are H&M. Top and shoes are from Forever21. The blazer and earrings were a thrift find! Making the perfect Spring look saving you from walking back to the car barefoot!


DIY: Zipper Jeans & Graphic Tees

The perfect outfit only a few simple touches away. Last year I was Instagra and stumbled on @lifeinbeverlyheels feed. She was rocking this PAWPIN outfit. I knew quickly I didn't feel like spending money to purchase the look. So I just recreated it with some affordable pieces!
dreaspeaks zipper jean graphic tee diy


+Start by cutting a straight line down the front of your jeans.
+Flip the jeans inside out.
+Place a zipper in place and pin to hold.
+Sew the zipper to the pants leg from the inside of the pants leg. THAT'S IT!


+Choose two different pieces of fabric. My pic was red/green ankara and checkered print.
+Cut each piece into desired shape. I chose a large square and a small rectangle.
+Get a t-shirt. I got a Walmart Time and Tru shirt. 
+Use fabric glue and to attached fabric to back of shirt. Let dry for 24 hours.
Tee: Walmart Time and Tru
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Madden Girl
Zipper: Fine Fabrics
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange

Lessons Learned!

+make sure the fabric matches the fabric of the shirt. my fabric was a bit too heavy for this tee.
+use a cutting blade and cutting mat to cut fabric. it gives cleaner edges and makes it easier to work with.
+make sure the zipper does not run into the pocket it would make for an awkward stopping point.
+i only found a zipper this length at a huge fabric store. could not find on amazon or michaels.
Happy DIYing