Why Everyone Should Own A Turtleneck

What we won’t do this season is get caught slipping. All necks will be covered and secured when then wintry breeze hits! #securethenecks But there are more reasons, besides the obvious warm ones, for grabbing as many turtlenecks as possible.


There is not a more perfect piece of clothing to transition all your Summer and Spring attire to the perfect Winter lewk. From tees to tank tops, adding a turtleneck underneath can make expand your clothing options for miles.


If you need to take any look to the next level, add a turtleneck. It really adds a level of interest to every outfit. For homecoming this yeah, I was pretty sure I wanted to go the comfy route and rock sweatpants. But I need just a little bit of fun to add to the outfit. So I added a neon green turtleneck to and all gray sweat set. And it was eveeeerything! For my next outfit I’m thinking white turtleneck, tan button up, mom jeans, and burgundy boots. Cute right?!


Like I said before, all necks will be warm and secured this season. The easiest way to stay warm without having to deal with the hassle of scarves if to go for the cozy turtlenecks. Keep it fluffy by going with the oversized sweater. Perfect for school, work, or a night our with friend!