Why You Need A Men's Button Up

An absolute wardrobe staple is an oversized button up. They pair perfectly with high waisted denim jeans and makes every woman wearing look a little extra classy. And ya girl stocks UP on button ups every chance I get. Typically whenever you want something oversized, you just head to your sections and grab it a few sizes larger, right? WRONG!!!


Typically a women’s button up has darting along the front and back that gives shirt an hour glass shape. the collar is tiny and the sleeve are slightly tapered for a fitted look. And this is not what we want. We want more of a boxy silhouette. And the one place you will surely find it, is in the men’s section!!

And oversized men’s button up is everything! I gives that carefree flow we want for those effortless looks. But there are some actually differences a lot of men’s button ups have. For example, they collar on a men’s button up tends to be stiffer so it does flip and flop all over the place. The collar can also have buttons to hold them in place. The last thing we need is shirt collars looking limp and lying flat like we’re at the disco.

The number one place for an abundance on men’s button ups is the thrift store. But you knew that! Thrift stores are TONS of options in several sizes. Every time I go to the thrift store I pick one up. You know, just in case I lose the 50 I have at home lol. On this particular trip to Goodwill, I found the prettiest purple tennis skirt. And it just deserved to be apart of a monochromatic look. If you remember from my previous post on monochromatic style tips then you know its always good to play with tones and textures. So since the skit was athletic material, the grid patterned, cotton button up was a perfect match. And the extra longs lives gave me LIFE I swear. Extended sleeves was a popular trend with hoodies last Fall. And I will gladly partake in year old trends it it means I feel like a bird every time I move my arms! And to add a little color, my favorite Forces were perfect. A little complimentary color action to achieve the perfect outfit. Have you shopped in the men’s section yet?? Let me know your favorite men’s section find in the comments!