Why You Need to Run to Your Nearest Thrift Store

If you haven’t Wazed your way to your nearest thrift store, then you are already losing in 2019. Thrifting has been my saving grave when it comes to fashion. Especially in college when I was too broke to even think about pulling up to a mall. I would make my dollars Elastigirl stretch so I could buy bags full of stuff for under $50. And you could be doing the same thing!

Thrifting really allows you to try new things and expand your wardrobe without your wallet suffering. And this is CRITICAL for fashion bloggers. I’m trying to stay relevant and post different outfits every week. And I simply cannot afford to shop at Zara every week. So as for me and my household, we shall go to the thrift store.

And the mall is marked all the way up. Ever since the vintage look became popular again, stores have taken these throwback looks and are selling them to us for well over what you pay at a thrift store. So what’s trending right now, that you can save some coin on by shopping thrift? Mom jeans, blazers, and printed dresses and skirts. Whether you go for minimal looks streetstyle, its all about mixing and matching these items for the best look. And I promise you, if you walk into a thrift store you will find at least one fo those three items I listed. Actually let’s bet. Next time you go to the thrift store and you do find one of those items and love it, you have to tell your IG Story I am the queen of the world and my advice is golden. (haha jk, not jk

So since I’m sure you’re convinced you need to go thrifting. Here’s how you make your trip the best one possible:

eat first
be thorough
look in all sections
use your imagination

Honestly, if you go shopping on an empty stomach you might as well go home. Thrift stores are packed with goodies and you need all the energy you can get to sift through the racks. And you’ll want to take the time to look at each piece. You can’t skim sections waiting for something to catch your eye like you can at the mall. Then, look in ALL sections. Men’s jackets are always my best find. Don’t miss your blessing because you didn’t check lol. And lastly, use you imagination. Thrift stores do not have mannequins with inspo for you to shop. Things will look raggedy, or weird, or boring unless you really see the beauty in a piece.
Pro tip: Go online shopping first to get the juices flowing. See if you can find those items sitting in your cart on those thrift racks.

My favorite thrift stores are Value Village and Goodwill. The last Wednesday of the month, Value Village does 50% off ALL items. So you can get things for just a $1 sometimes. Looking cute is top priority, but it will never be more important then financial goals and restrictions. Don’t play yourself this by overspending on clothes. In college I made $500 a month working in my department and I was able to go shopping every week if I wanted because getting a 2-5 items for $10-$15 isn’t a huge strain. And mix and match with pieces you bought at other retail stores if you need to. But you are literally throwing money away if you haven’t taken a trip to your nearest thrift store. Good luck thrifting!

Blazer, Sweater, Jeans: Goodwill
Earrings: ASOS
Boots: Target