DIY: Easy Bathroom Remodel for Under $200!


Ever since I graduated college, I’ve lived in my parents house. Fortunately I don’t hate it and I get to skip out on the crazy rent everyone in Atlanta pays. I’ve always said I would redo my room to something that’s closer to my style, but I kept putting it off. But a few months ago, I was in my bathroom and it just began to annoy me. The room had a yellowish tint, the paint on the cabinets were chipping, and the entire vibe was just off. We moved here in 2008 and no updates have been made. So I decided it was time for a revamp!!! After careful YouTube research and expert advice from Pinterest I was ready to get started.

The plan was: paint the walls white, paint the cabinets a dark blackish brown color, add towel racks, and update the overall decor. All I needed to do was head to Home Depot, get the goods, paint, then boom done. Right? Girl, wrong. Home Depot was intimidaaaating. Why did no one tell me things like eggshell wasn’t a color of paint, but a finish of paint. Me and this other dude was struggling because we really just want eggshell. The book had white, pure white, frost white, bear white. Lol, it was tough, but I went with pure white. No sample, just the gallon. (I advise you do a sample lol). I got everything else in my list and headed home to get to work. I took one three day weekend and redid my bathroom. Here are the steps I took and the results:




It’s really important to do all the prep work first. This means removing any dirt or debris from surfaces that will be painted, sanding and surface that was previously painted with paint that was glossy, sanding any rough surfaces, taping off all edges, and laying down any plastic that you need to protect your floors. I used trash bags to cover my floors and used only one roll of tape for the two rooms of my bathroom.


Taking a moment to appreciate the first few rolls of paint on the wall with a selfie.

Getting the tight spots around my mirror and outlet was tough. Nothing a few coats and a foam tipped brush can’t handle. Ask someone who works in the paint department what brush to get. Because I basically just guessed.

Getting the tight spots around my mirror and outlet was tough. Nothing a few coats and a foam tipped brush can’t handle. Ask someone who works in the paint department what brush to get. Because I basically just guessed.

My first incident. So apparently you’re suppose to pull the tape off BEFORE the paint dries. I should have just removed the outlet.

Now it is time for the cabinets and drawers. Here I am pointing to where I need to drill hole. This would probably be the scary part for a lot of people. But in High School I took wood shop, so I’m not afraid of power tools or driving holes in stuff. It’s actually kind of fun. The hardware I chose, told me the holes were 3 inches apart, so I measured three inches down and drilled a hole. I’m sure there is a better method to insure you are directly below the initial hole, but I just used my tape measure and drew a line. The first set came out fine, but the second set were a bit too short. I let it ride because I didn’t want to redial the whole. I just figured if I tighten the first screw tight enough it won’t really matter. Don’t be like me friends lol, do it properly.

Also, the first time I drilled the hole, it was too small. And because that was the only drill bit I had, back to Home Depot I went. I bought two more because I wasn’t sure what size would work. I made it larger and it was good to go!

Previously owned Milwaukee Drill that I used for the project

This bit was too small.

Look how straight and perfect my measured line is lol.

Now it’s time to actually test the paint color I bought. This begins the moment that set me on a very angry and frustrated IG Stories rant. The paint in the can would not mix at all. I shook the can before I opened it and stirred it (with my toothbrush lol) and it just kept separating. As you can see below the paint was not applying evenly and would not absorb so it looked like I was rubbing water around the drawer. After asking for the help from my followers, y’all came through. The surface of the cabinets was too glossy and the paint did not like it. So I sanded it down a bit more (just a little cause also, lazy) and applied to coats of the paint. And it came out perfect! I added the hardware just to check and see if I liked it, then finished the rest of it off!


Then it was time to drill holes in walls! This was a tad bit scary cause I was worried I would hit some piping. For some reason who ever designed this house forgot to give us towel racks and toilet paper holder. So I was drilling holes to secure them to the wall. Once I removed the rack that was in my shower room, it felt more spacious so I decided to order a glass rack from Amazon to put there instead. I also had to drill holes for that as well.

The plastic screw lock thing (that’s the technical term) that secure the metal screw ended up breaking in the wall. I had to pull it put with pliers and just rely on the top screw to hold the towel rack. But since towels aren’t heavy, I knew it would be okay.


After three long days, three trips to Home Depot, and a newfound appreciation for Chip and Joanna Gaines and The Property Brothers I was done. I spruced it up with a few new decor items to make it feel like me. Here are the final results!


So what did this DIY Room revamp cost me: If I just stick to the paints, and hardware, and none of the decor. The revamp could cost you $80!! Including decor and towel rackets the grand total is $198!! If you’re looking for a quick revamp and you have a little extra time on your hands and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, for under $100 you could spruce up a room and bring in some extra light with a fresh cot of paint and new hardware. Now if you want to really do it up and include decor and extras for under $200 you can turn a room into your paradise!! Has this motivated you to spruce up your space? Let me know what you think in the comments!