Historically Black, Culturally Significant

Still coming down from homecoming high, where we stood shoulder to shoulder with other black people gathered together for the chance to just be in the midst of us and our culture. There is something special about these spaces called HBCUs. They provide a space for us to grow and learn without the fear of being too anything. Or as my friend says, “gives me the freedom to be the black that I am”. If you’ve ever worked at a predominantly white organization, you know how hard it can to just change your hair in peace, or use certain terminology without thinking someone will judging you. These campuses cultivate so much culture and provide skills and knowledge that prepare us for the working world. There are discussions on diversifying these campuses and on why all black colleges and universities are important in today’s society. Don’t let the times fool you, any space that allows the blossoming of individuals, the gathering of knowledge, and Fried Chicken Friday will always be relevant. So why else are HBCUs still relevant:


1. Synchronization.

Where else can you learn to move in perfect synchronization with your classmates?? HBCUs are the one place where we all stand for our national anthem: Swag Surfin’. From the left to the right, we ride the wave of the turn up at every event possible.


2. Birthplace of Black Excellence

These college campuses are the place where culture shifting, dynamic individuals attend. I know our greatness is not bound by these campuses but they certainly help shape individuals we admire today. Notables like Oprah Winfrey to Common to P. Diddy to MLK Jr. all attended HBCUs. Historically these campuses were havens for activism during the Civil Rights Movement. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee or SNCC was founded at Shaw University. Four students who attended North Carolina A&T State University led a sit-in at a lunch counter that sparked a movement. Culture-shifting people from HBCUs did this!

And today these universities are shaping the same type of people. Stacey Abrams who shook up the Governor election season, attended Spelman College. We have schools like North Carolina A&T State University that is the #1 producer of Black engineers in the country. And tons of other accomplishments.

stacey Abrams spelman college

3. Your people are here

There is nothing like be surrounded by like-minded individuals like yourself. This pertains to all colleges; this is where you find your people. They may not be your bffs or your future husband. But college is where you find solid people who are invested in the same game that you are. Or as some of my Instagram follows put it:

“It feels like family” -Taylor, NCA&T
”The people I have met have enriched my life, and made me a stronger individual” -Karlton, Morehouse
”The friendships and support are unmatched” -Nalani, Spelman

4. The Greatest Homecoming on Earth

Whether it’s Howard or what we call the GHOE, Homecoming is a big deal. It’s a chance to dip back into a culture that shaped and grew us. To wave and catch up with old classmates. But mostly a time to laugh and act up with your favorite people. So here’s a tribute to the greatest homecoming on earth. Shots from GHOE 2018.