Staying Sane in a High Demand Society

This “you must have multiple streams of income, entrepreneurship, I just bought 5 more books to read, have you binged the latest season on Netflix” society can be absolutely draaaaining. We are expected to do so much, then we consume so much, then we have to process soooo much. It could literally drive you crazy. So what’s the best way to stay sane and happy in a highly demanding environment?


There is no way we can scroll through social media all day, hit up happy hours with friends, spend nights binging TV and STILL have a complete grasp on who we are.


Constantly being bogged down with things to do, people to see, or shows to watch can lead us into a routine heavily dependent on stuff. But what happens when you sit still, turning off the distractions. We need to strip away the excess!! One night I want you to try this: remove all distractions. The phone, TV, music, books. And just sit still with your thoughts. Recognize the emotions you feel and why you feel them. Acknowledge the thoughts that come to your mind and discover what led you there. Just get in tune with how you process a day’s worth of information and interactions. Take the time to debrief with yourself, not obsess over the next day, just debrief.


This week I finished the book Children of Blood and Bone by Toni Adeyemi. And I must say I am currently emotionally attached to each and every character and quite frankly I don’t know what I’m going to do until the next installment comes out. In my circle of friends and in the blogging and entrepreneurship space, non-fiction, self-help, educational books are all the rage. For awhile, I thought that to be successful I had to jump on board with the self-help books to better myself. Nah sis. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. And I love reading fiction, sci-fi, dystopian novels. Nothing else. I have to know me and what’s best for me. So do that and nothing else. And this applies to absolutely everything you do. From your hobbies to your personal time, to your work. Make sure you love all of it. Things I love: napping after breakfast, dancing, laughing out loud, playing card and board games, deep conversations about everything, making people laugh at work, responding to text messages with memes and gifs. Once you realize the things that make you happy, SAY NO TO EVERYTHING ELSE.

giphy 2.GIF

Don’t waste energy on activities that low-key drive you nuts. We can’t be drained this year because we said yes to another networking event, when you really just needed to go home stand debrief with yourself. Learning to say no will save you life, I promise.


Nothing ever works the first time. We don’t decide to be successful one day, then have a flourishing career and life the next. It takes times. In those space, we will make mistakes, we will feel inadequate, we will feel like we don’t know enough. But please, give yourself grace. You need space to grow and not hold yourself to an impossible standard. Sometime mirror pep talks help. Remind yourself that it’s okay to not be perfect yet.

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When all else fails, breaking out into dance fixes everything. Make a sad, happy, to turnt playlist and just go into full on hairbrush mic, dance moves in mirror mode. Giving yourself the time to be free and uncoordinated or off key without a care in the world just loosens us up.

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In college I used to always bring my Uno cards to study sessions and always suggest we play a few rounds before we study. Mostly because I love Uno, but also because it helped loosen the group up, who typically came into the room stressed out about the homework assignment or test. Find what gets you up and moving and thinking about something other then what is demanded of you.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything the world is throwing at you, spend sometime with yourself doing what you love, show yourself grace when everything isn’t perfect, and make sure you dance your way into a better mood. Never forget you are an adult and you don’t need to ask permission to be happy. No one is telling you what you do and don’t need in your life, so get rid of all distraction and things that cause you stress and unhappiness.