The Beauty Series | All About the Skin


The hype is real when the skin and makeup is popping! And I’m here for it! I love a slayed face, but sometimes it’s hard when you wipe the makeup off and you have to deal with acne and acne scarring. I have dealt with problematic skin for all of my adult life. I wanted to share the products I use to address my problem skin and my favorite makeup products.


DISCLAIMER: When discussing skincare its really important to know you skin before listening to the advice of others. Know what type of acne you have and what types of products treat it. Otherwise you will be me, rubbing honey on my face for months, seeing no results.


So here’s a little skin history. I have had moderate acne since middle school. White and black head on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. And very little body acne. When I first treated my acne, I used Proactiv. This worked but one year they stopped sending me product (long story) so I decided to switch it up. I began using, which also works for me, although it is a bit harsh. The product actually cause my eyes to tear up. And there were too many steps. Apply product let dry, add another layer. It wasn’t’t simple enough for me to want to continue. I still use in case of a bad breakout because it is really effective. Finally I use the custom skin care service called Curology.

It’s really important to know the cause of you acne, before treating. For me I have acne prone skin. So if I do nothing I’ll break out. No foods trigger my acne (except dairy). But a good portion of my acne came from dirty skin. I invested in a Clarisonic to make sure I was cleansing properly. I use the cleanser. This eliminated all of my forehead acne. I always used to rock a swoop or bangs with my natural hair, so a lot of oils sat on my forehead with being properly cleansed caused most of my forehead acne. To this day, I do a mask and cleanse on wash days to avid breakouts. Y’all, did you know dairy products are full of hormones and extra stuff we didn’t ask for that can trigger acne in our skin. I try my best to avoid dairy products for the sake of my skin (and my stomach). Nothing else, give me acne. So if I keep my skin clear and avoid dairy products I can have moderately good skin. To deal with breakouts in general, I use Differin Gel and Curology, which really has minimized breakouts.


I am alway here for a good face beat! I have tried and tried several foundations. But once I found these productions, I haven’t strayed.

MAC STUDIO FIX IS BAE! It gives me coverage and is mattifying enough for my oily skin. The shade is a perfect match for me, which is why I stay loyal. If I get a tan in the summer, I use CoverFX custom cover drops in a. dark shade to tint my makeup to exact color of my tan. I also use MIlani’s foundation. This stuff is so waterproof! I went to an event where I sweating my life away on the dance floor, and every little bit of my foundation stayed in place. My infamous wing eyeliner is all thanks to Maybelline! This felt tip liner gives me all the control to create wings that cut!.