The Female Body

When I walk into certain rooms, the strangest thing happens to me. Everyone looks down at my butt. Or if I walk past a guy in a grocery store and I turn my head I can see he did a double take to check out “what I’m working with”. There have been times when I have been walking around minding my own business and people stop me and comment on my body type. I once told a guy I was going to the gym to lose weight, and his actual response was “just don’t lose the butt”. How strange is all of this. That we engage in conversation based on body type, we place expectations based on body type, and get told we can’t do something based on body type. Why is how we are shaped so important?

Somewhere, we started to let the world tell us what our bodies meant. Media showed us only curvy black women, so now everyone is doing squats just to get a little something back there. Then enter women like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, and their attractiveness is questioned because of how physically fit they are. As is being toned is not beautiful. The black body has been celebrated almost to the point of misuse. But I want to remind you of a few things.

There is not one person, or magazine cover, or man that can tell me how I should view my body. My worthiness and purpose is always rooted in what scripture says. To identify our womanhood by our bodies and not by God’s word is our biggest mistake. Scripture tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Nothing can change that. Once we we start claiming the real women have curves or real women are petite then we exclude and isolate a part of God’s perfect creation.


This may be a personal one, but I have always felt that my curves put me in a category I didn’t ask for, or a catergory that shouldn't exist. When you see curvy girls they are IG models, video vixens, the attractive distraction in the office, the Kardashians (eye roll). And I felt that if I wore something that flaunted my curves it put me in those categories. The distraction. The girl who just loves to flaunt it in IG. I’ll start by saying these boxes probably don’t exist but if they did, it honestly shouldn’t matter because it has nothing o do with me. And it really shouldn’t matter because our body types do not imply anything about out character. This is hard to swallow. Especially when I go to a mostly white church. If I wear something a little more form fitting, I feel like the people there don’t get it. I feel like I’m doing the most. I don’t want them staring but I also need you to know I’m trying to come down the aisle, you got to move ALL the way out the way, not just a little bit. I think what I’m trying to say is I feel like people see my curves and think a certain thing about me. And I’m not sure if thats me or them. TBD I suppose.


Like I said before, people say some crazy things when they see how you look. If you do not know someone then to comment on their body first is WEIRD. Stop it. Please. I can’t count how many times someone I did not know or barely knew said they wished they had my butt. And keep your comments about what you think I should be wearing to yourself. Because a women does not have a perfectly flat stomach or toned thighs does not mean she can’t wear shorts and a crop. That is up to her.

So here’s the takeaway: Your body is beautiful. Your body is doesn't define you. You were made perfect and purposeful. Don’t let this world tell you otherwise.