Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

It's every (non-single) girl's favorite holiday! VALENTINE'S DAY! The one day out the year where you can pour all that love and affection onto your significant other. A holiday usually reserved for diamond rings, big teddy bears, and the occasional proposal, doesn't have to only be for those big ticket gifts. Women love jewelry, and if you aren't ready to pop that big question and put that ring on her finger, there are still options for you. And this goes for significant others, family members and friends. Finding the right piece is all you need.

Keep it simple. Find her elegant pieces that fit her style. You should know if what type go metal she prefers. And if you don't...find out!! Metal pieces will be your safest bet. Hoops, studs, and simple bracelets will be big winners!

No need to break the budget. Because if you love this person you got birthdays and Christmas to impress her. Let it be an experience. Pair the jewelry with a handwritten card and a cute dinner date.

Don't forget about your moms, sisters, and lady relatives. They need love too. I love when my brother and dad get me little gifts.

I usually look the other way when I see tassel earrings. There are just too many of them I can't decide. But huh-neeeeeey when I saw these!!! The velvet really sets it all off. And they opted for a chain instead of pieces of fabric to create this STUNNING tassel. 

Geometric, odd, drop earrings are something every lady needs! This design is so simple anyone could pull it off. The rings are simple staple pieces that still keep things interesting.

Blouse: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Sandals: Forever21

Sweater: H&M Jeans: H&M Booties: Shoeland

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Booties: Shoeland