Why I Quit Blogging for Two Weeks

Every morning, I wake up. Typically my mind racing because I missed my first 5 alarms, and now I’m worried I’ll be late to work. So I jump up and rush to get find something to wear and pack my lunch. The entire time replaying my schedule in my head, concerned if I’ll have to push anything back or be too late to complete certain tasks. Now I’m in the car, too rushed to relaxed, trying to make it to work before 8am. Still thinking about my work schedule, but now slow cars are adding to my frustration. But finally, I get to work. Probably only 10 minutes late. The day goes by fine, but the way I started my day has me mentally exhausted! And this day is like any other, I end up staying at work till about 7pm to work with the night crew. Now I’m home, physically exhausted, mentally drained, and all I want is a meal and my bed. It’s just another day where I push off blog work to the next day, because I’m just too tired.

Okay now imagine that cycle for weeks at a time! Being mentally and physically drained, and pushing anything business related off to the last minute. I found myself fully devoted to work but not to my blogging. It caused me to quickly type post the day before it dropped. Or to not schedule photoshoots to get content for weeks at a time. I was posting old content, then new content, then random photography work on my IG feed. And honestly it was all a hot mess. There was no story being told, now flow being followed, and my blog and brain were suffering. I was drained of energy, ideas, and the interest in blogging. I decided, to just stop. Not force it anymore and take a break. I had no real plan during the break but I knew I needed it. It started off as being only a week long, but then one week turned to two weeks because I still didn’t have content ready. So it’s been two weeks and I’m ready to get back in the game. But what have I learned?


There is nothing worse than being bogged down by task and activities that don’t even matter yet. It’s okay to plan and make a schedule, but trust the schedule. No need to worry about a 3pm meeting at 7am. So every morning I wake up with the goal of only focusing on the immediate task at hand. Usually getting dressed. Then the next, picking a podcast to listen to in the car. Then just driving and listening. Then a cup of coffee at work. Then my first task or meeting at work. And I do this the whole day. By the end of the day, I’ve spent the entire day in the moment, never worried about the next thing for no reason. Mental exhaustion is a thing of the past. So how do you achieve, mental blissing?? Plan your schedule out the day before, and the week before. So my work schedule is pretty consistent and I check it before I go to bed so I know what time to take up or what I need to get ready. Also, before I leave work, or go to bed, I make a to-do list for what my morning should look like. This way when I wake up and get to work, I’m not racking my brain trying to remember all the action items and follow ups form the previous day. To-do list are your friend.



I think we all know this. But for some reason it’s the easiest to miss or forget. Not only is it important to make a schedule for the next day, but it’s equally as important to make a business plan or content calendar. My job calls for me to work anytime from 3am to 11pm depending on the day or project. And I had to realize I can’t do major work on my blog or business during the week. So in order to keep up I have to work weekends and batch create. Make content when it best fits your schedule, and make A LOT of it!


So we’re focusing on only the next task. We got schedules put in place. Our systems are taking care of business so now it’s time to take care of you. During the week make sure you do things that make you happy or put you at ease. Bathes, Netflix, books. Whatever it is, do it. Enjoy every day of the week as much as possible. Work can’t kill you okay.


If your purpose is rooted in God, how can you actually fulfill that purpose is you aren’t staying connected to Him. Your girl has been slaaaaackiiiiiiing on reading her Word and it shows lol. Lack of clarity, foggy thoughts, unsure of next steps, unable to execute can all be tied back to a shaky foundation. Stay rooted in scripture, the living, breathing Word. It’ll feed you more than anything else. And give you the wisdom to make decisions, discernment on what to create, and the power to walk it out.


So my challenge to you is to make sure you are not forcing your craft. Don’t let anyone tell you you must post a certain time of day, or you must make youtube videos if you can’t do it! Your personal joy and health comes first. Put in place a system hat works for you and make sure it includes time to take care of you!